Crew Eli Toth


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Crew Eli Toth

Name Eli Toth

Position Captain

Rank Crew

Character Information

Gender Male
Affiliation Unaffiliated - Independent Contractor
Age 33
Homeworld John's Prospect
Personal Effects Standard issue Alliance side arm, Cowboy hat (black), Locket with a picture of his mother and his sister in it, black notebook.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 189 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Gree
Physical Description Eli is long and lanky on a good day. He's generally well put together though his clothes are usually a year or two behind the current trends and they tend to be worn from hard work on the Sinful Grace. He carries himself with purpose and has the gate of someone who's seen combat time as a soldier. His pistol is always slung at his hip, and he always wears a locket around his neck with his mother and his sister's pictures in it.


Spouse None
Children None known
Father Davis Toth (Deceased)
Mother Elizabeth Toth (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Rain Toth (Deceased)
Other Family None to speak of.

Personality & Traits