Hired Help Serena O'Rourke


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Hired Help Serena O'Rourke

Name Serena O'Rourke

Position Hired Gun

Rank Hired Help

Character Information

Gender Female
Affiliation Former Browncoat - Now Mercenary
Age 30
Homeworld Hera
Personal Effects Serena's weapons of choice are generally a customized sidearm on her right thigh and a large K-Bar style blade on her left. When wearing her jacket, Serena has a hidden forearm holster for a throwing knife. For bigger jobs, Serena has a high tech modern Alliance style Sub machine gun dating back to the War she lifted in a battle. She has a collection of rifles, snipers and other manners of weapons. On a more personal side, Serena never goes anywhere without her fathers old duster leather jacket.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 123lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Selena is a beautiful woman, with long blonde hair reaching down just past her shoulders and dark chocolate brown eyes to match. She has a strong jawline with high cheekbones, all features that have caught the eye of many in the bar scene before. Slightly above average height, coming in at 5'8" and weighing a somewhat light 123 lbs, Selena when she puts a bit of effort in, is able to blend into most scenes with ease, especially some of the more inner world scenes with the right dress.

Selena's preferred manner of dress is pretty relaxed, a light blouse like shirt and a pair of slacks. Over top of her blouse, Selena can almost always be found, regardless of the planet or temperature, wearing the Leather jacket that her father used to wear before she was forced to leave home. She is very defensive about that jacket and very few people are aloud to touch it. In conjunction, Selena generally wears her hair down, leaving it loose, but has a few hair ties on hand for whenever she needs them.

Selena has a small scar on upper left back, a scar she gained from the bar fight on one of her previous stops before joining up with the Sinful Grace. She also has a tattoo on the bottom side of her right forearm of 5 dots with red strip connecting them all, to signify her family and the red of the blood that the Alliance left all over her homeworld.


Father Harrison O'Rourke [Deceased]
Mother Melissa O'Rourke [Deceased]
Brother(s) Sean O'Rourke [Deceased]
Matthew O'Rourke [Deceased]
Sister(s) Allison O'Rourke [Deceased]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serena used to be a lot like her mother, a happy go lucky type of person who worked hard along with her father and siblings on their small homestead farm to get the job done and played just as hard after said job was done. Serena used to strive to help the people that needed help whenever she could, a compassionate person. She was never one for the more oppressive rules and regulations that made up the Alliance's agricultural and social laws.

Ever since having to skip out town after the Alliance lackies ransacked her hometown and her family killed in the battle, the subsequent few years of learning to live on the other side of the law and her enlistment in the Browncoats, Serena has become a bit more serious about how she goes about her life. She can almost always be found with a serious look of some kind gracing her face as she works to keep herself and others she cares about alive which in most cases is herself. It was during this time with the Browncoats and her time after as a mercenary that Serena has expanded on the skills she learned as a child. A rough world, Serena's father taught her how to shoot from a young age, something a war honed to an art.

To that extent, some of Serena's more negative sides can tend to help every once in a while. She's head strong and has a few anger issues that tend to push her to get the best for her crew, and piss of people who try and pray on those she holds dear. With the end of the Unification war and the Browncoats lose, Serena has become a bit bullheaded with Alliance personnel and lackies, always trying to fight the good fight and freedom. Which more often then not can get her in trouble.

Her looks themselves generally tend to fool a large number of people. An attractive woman, not one many picture as a mercenary and tend to underestimate her skills. Serena uses this to her advantage fooling people into thinking shes less than she is. Thus she has become rather proficient at close quarters combat, getting in close with her looks and act before taking them out generally much to the victims surprise.
Ambitions Find something worth sticking around for. Ever since the end of the war, Serena has never found something that was worth sticking around for, no mission, no job, no friends, nothing. She feels purposeless, and that's what Serena strives for.
Hobbies & Interests Serena never received much in the way of a proper education though she did learn to read at a decent level. Because of this, Serena enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, difficult to understand or not.

Because of her style of combat, Serena enjoys practicing martial arts of varying forms, most of those forms involving punching someone until they're down.