Crew Masie 'Fitz' Fitzwidden


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Crew Masie 'Fitz' Fitzwidden

Name Masie 'Fitz' Fitzwidden

Position Second Officer

Rank Crew

Character Information

Gender Female
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Just below shoulder length curly brown hair that most often twisted up and tucked back out of the way with a stylus, a ribbon, a chopsticks or, rarely a much coveted barrette. She has a large flower mandala tattoo on her right lower calf/ankle in a rainbow of colors. Fitz wears a very skinny silver tube bracelet with a single red stone strung in the middle as her only piece of jewelry. She has a number of scars, none of which are visible with her usual choice of clothing.


Spouse Dean Early (Divorced - Sort of)
Children N/A
Father Colt Whitlillie
Mother Mariette Whitlillie
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Elias Landon - Cousin (Sort of)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being an avid people watcher, Fitz credits a lot of what she'd learned to simply being observant. She considers herself a student of humanity and a two slip philosopher more than she considers herself a deck hand or an accountant. She's good with people, better with numbers: both of which are inherited traits from her mother, only where Mariette used allure and layers of calculated give and take, Fitz is exactly what you see. She makes no pretense or preamble. On occasion she can be considered guarded (especially when it comes to men. She's rather aware of the fact that what she knows of relationships is bassackwards and upside down, so she takes great care not to be anything but whole hearted. This can, at times, take a great deal of internal debate).

As much as she dislikes it, Fitz compares herself to her mother as the idea of what a desirable woman is, finding herself rather plain in comparison. She takes commitments of any kind rather seriously and will do her best to bob and weave her way out of the emotional sort. She's got a soft heart, which makes it difficult to do so. Getting emotional, getting attached means welcoming a lot of pain in.

That being said, Fitz is a firm believer in 'absolute truths and decencies'. If you have it to give, you give. If you were paid a kindness, you repay in kind. If you're kicked while you're down, you get back up- put on some hefty boots- and return that favor, too. As a rule Fitz detests firearms, but will pick one up and use it competently if need be. She also dislikes falling back on some of her shadier learned traits, but will pick a lock and a pocket if its imperative. Otherwise she strives to be somewhat cultured and proper.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Quick witted and sharp with numbers
S - Despite her seeming awkwardness, is actually very graceful and light on her feet.
S - Despite all that she's been through, she hasn't lost her kindness.
W - Paranoid: tends to make back up plans for the back up plans
W - Full of self-doubt and low self opinion
W - Holds herself to harsh standards set by her deceased mother
Ambitions To day day be completely free of her dead mother's grasp and truly be her own person- without anyone trying to kill her.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, calligraphy, sketching, dancing, languages, the sea, music. Where she's not a fan of fashion or the cloistered life, she certainly misses the creature comforts.

Personal History Fitz was born as Miriam to Colt and Mariette Whitlillie into what should have been a very tidy little privileged life all tied up in bows and gold twine. That would be, however, if her mother wasn't a perpetually shopping for wealthier husbands and dragging Fitz along after her. She hardly has memories of her father, whom had passed before she had a chance to track him down again.

Her idea of father was a male figure that was present between two and four years - long enough for Mariette to learn the ins and out of their business and/or social lives and concoct a way to bleed it dry. For Graham Polk it was adultery. Louis Fitzwidden: weak heart. Hirim Tano had some outstanding debts with some shady customers. Jonah Roget was the only one that never truly met a poor end- just a sudden lack of wife and a whole lot of standoff.

You see, one of Mariette's few poorly thought out decisions was her true partner in crime the silent partner in her operation Dean Early, wasn't so greedy as to stop counting his own credits and start reaching out for what was hers. As soon as Early started getting belligerent, Mariette dropped as much credit as she could into core world trust funds in Fitz's given name- an act of defiance that pretty much spelled her end. Dean unloaded a clip into Mariette, did his best to do the same to Roget, and ran off with Fitz to enact his stunning revenge plot.
Early found himself a shady little fringe world where he could marry Fitz without parental consent at sixteen, then burned hard back to the core to try and cash in those funds.. which didn't mature until Fitz was eighteen no matter what angle he tried. Not only did Early not get the money, he lost Fitz, too. And an eye to a salad fork, which is another story.

Fitz, on the other hand, made herself a new identity: one Maisie Fitzwidden (one part 'father' that she actually bonded with, one part random name overheard on a dock slip one night) and made herself at home on the trade ways doing odd jobs on ships (there was always something for a literate soul who could speak three languages and crunch numbers in her head in two shakes of a lamb's tail). She remained in the shipping circuits, staying squeaky clean as could be with no intention of following after her mother in any way until hard times struck a few people that she honestly had come to care for. A sick friend, a struggling crewmate, some crushing debts.. Fitz reached out for that blood money left to her, which led to another valuable lesson: when fortune smiles upon them, a real friend stays.

The chain of events that followed left Fitz without a job again, not to mention kicked in the gut emotionally and just a tad bitter. She invested most of her remaining money into three different ships in return for favors and other guarantees that somehow, some way, she'd always have somewhere to go. The rest she quietly sat on while playing cargo hauler, valet, accountant, standby-to-the-standby pilot, tool holder, crate counter and anything else that she could manage to keep herself still to the right of valuable while lugging around herself, her dog, and all of her strange emotional baggage.
Character Notes Notes: Fitz rarely goes by Maisie: the name is more of a placeholder than anything else. She hates Miriam and would rather be called anything other than Mimi (her mother's pet name for her).

She has a scruffy little brown mutt named Raleigh who stays on ship to be spoiled.

Roget and Polk are still alive, as is Early. Unlike the other two, Early very much wants Fitz dead.