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Crew Zhong Qi

Name Zhong Cheng Qi

Position Pilot

Rank Crew

Character Information

Gender Female
Affiliation Browncoat sympathizer
Age 22
Homeworld Sihnon
Personal Effects Jade möbius on a leather necklace, electric cello (neck only), a set of throwing knives

Physical Appearance

Height 156cm (~5'1")
Weight 55kg
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color jade green
Physical Description Jade green almond shaped eyes, and dark brown waist­ length hair. Toned, curvaceous. On her back is a tattoo of electronic wings, somewhat circuit board looking things, covering a significant portion of her back, the wings in a folded state.

On ship, she favors cargo pants, big stompy boots, and fitted long sleeve shirts or tank tops, as they're comfortable and cause less disturbance with her shipmates than the clothes free alternative. Planet­ side she tends to favor clothes that show off her assets and her tattoo, as they tend to result in more drinks and business contacts, but occasionally she has to go lower key if she knows there's a guild presence of good standing around.

Usually is wearing a small piece of jade craved into a möbius strip on a leather strap around her neck.


Father Zhong Hai Fai
Mother Tong Bao Ai
Brother(s) Zhong Cheng Da
Other Family During her last year of Companion training, Qi became very close to a woman named Lily. The two of them had planned to set up together, both professionally and personally, only to have that shattered by Qi's rejection by the guild. Qi had wanted to stay with Lily anyways, but Lily had insisted that it would challenge her standing as a member of the guild and suggested that they take a break for a year or two to let the trouble disappear into the wind. They kept contact at first when Qi had gone home, but as time went on it became more and more difficult for Qi to get in touch with her. When she finally made the decision to leave home, she reached out to Lily for help but never received a response, leaving her to make her own way.

Over the years she's continued to try to reach out to Lily, but as she continues to not hear back, the frequency of her attempts have tapered off.

Personality & Traits

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Strengths & Weaknesses Qi is smart with a solid education from the Companions' guild behind her. She grew up in a wealthy family, and can carry herself with grace and breeding, but her time on the rim taught her that folks may come to mistrust you if you they think you're acting "better" than them, and she's learned to blend in by picking up the local slang, dressing more practically, and generally making sure she can earn her keep.

She is a passionate person, with a strong degree of empathy for those she feels have been wronged, leading to her support of the browncoats during and after the war. A support that cost her a future as a registered companion.
Ambitions She wants a home and a family, somewhere she feels wanted and welcome.
Hobbies & Interests Well rounded from her training to become a companion, Qi partakes of a number of things in her downtime. She took to music particularly well in her training, learning a number of instruments and singing techniques, but her favorite was the Cello. She has one that's electric, only the neck, with Jade inlay named Lily.

She exercises daily with a routine of martial arts and yoga aimed at keeping her in fit shape of both mind and body. She also practices with her throwing knives regularly to improve her aim, as she's self taught and only been doing it for about a year now.

Personal History Zhong Cheng Qi ( 鐘成琦 [family, generation, personal name] ) was born and raised on Sihnon. She started in Companion training at twelve, but had a hard time behaving as was acceptable and becoming of a Companion, even one still in training. Despite her behavior troubles, she thrived until she was flushed out not long before she'd been eligible to register with the guild. Something involving guild politics and those with their hands on the strings and pulse of the guild taking a dislike to her headstrong and troublesome nature, not to mention her open sympathy and support for browncoats.

Due to the shame of getting flushed out of the Companion life the way she was, her family treated her poorly when she returned home. Family friends she'd gotten along with well treated her as a stranger, childhood friends snubbed her, and even the hired help disrespected her. It didn't take long for her to feel the need to leave. She slipped out at night, taking a portion of the family fortune to get her started on her new life. She figured the security system notified the family she left, but they didn't try to stop her, didn't even put out a reward for her return. They couldn't do anything about the money, as she had the foresight to visit a money changer the day before her escape. It was pocket change to them anyways.

She started off trying to find work in the various whore houses on the rim, which were not guild approved, but often found herself at odds with the men of little morals who typically ran such houses. Sometimes she would even try to stage rebellions and throw out these men, but often times another would take his place or the girls simply didn't understand what Qi was getting so worked up about. One of these incidents saw a stranger by the name of Serena stepping in to help Qi out, eventually seeing her to a piloting job to get off the moon.

Seeing the piloting as a one time solution to get her out of a bad situation, she tried to cut out on her own but found that without being registered with the guild, one couldn't simply set up shop and start whoring. Sometimes a registered companion, somewhat on the outs with the guild but still registered, would end up setting up shop near where Qi just recently did and win over clients just for being registered. Other times, the settlers simply failed to seek her services.

After a few too many failed attempts at using her companion training without guild support, she simply gave in and starting earning a living by flying. She started off with simple moon to moon hops for a legal cargo hauling company, and worked her way up to ships and jobs that went farther into the black. She took each job as it came, often ending up as a one off pilot for an unusual job or filling in when the regular pilot was indisposed for some reason.

Between jobs, she'd often end up stuck on a random moon for extended periods of time waiting for the next job to come along. Sometimes she'd fall back upon her whoring ways to get a little extra money when jobs ran a little thin. Eventually she'd established client lists on a few different moons, making enough that she didn't need to fly to earn her living, but she still did for the change of pace and the transportation from moon to moon. Soon enough, in swoops the guild again and gobbles up all her clients. She thought little of it on the first moon, was irked by the second, but lost patience with it when someone who was a bumbling fool by companion standards had swiped her favorite client on Buefort. Loud unladylike words and threats were exchanged in the best stocked saloon on that hunk of rock, but nothing more. While calming down in her room, a wave came in from a friend talking of an unknown ship that'd just docked and was seeking a skilled pilot for full time work. This information was followed by a lynch mob, as the companion who she'd just exchanged words with had been found in the ally behind the saloon, dead.

She packed every last bit of pretty and value she had, and slipped out the back window just before they broke the door down. She could hear them accusing her of murder and was glad the whole way to the dock that she took the time to hide behind goggles and a hat. At the docks, she quickly found the ship and offered her services. Luckily she'd timed it right and got there just as a job was making itself available elsewhere so they could take off before her new shipmates could get wind of what she was being accused of.
Character Notes Qi is open about her companion training, and even that she wasn't able to register with the guild because of her open support for the browncoats, but she doesn't speak of the murder accusation leveled against her on Beufort. The Captain and Fitz know, because she's come to trust them and she felt it unfair to accept their offer to join their crew without informing them of the baggage that comes with it.