Civilian Tsewang Tamang


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Civilian Tsewang Tamang

Name Tsewang Tamang

Position Spiritual Leader

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Affiliation Shaolin Monks
Age 25
Personal Effects His red Monastery robes, a Drilbu, a Phurpa, Prayer Wheel, and a bow staff.

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Tsewang is a slender bald young man. He is rather tall for his people. He had brown hair but with the traditions of his religion he is bald and has no body hair anywhere. He has a scar on his back that crisscrosses his back from a run in as a child with Reavers. he cleans all his robes and belongings religiously because of the thought of cleanliness is huge in his religion. He carries himself much larger than he is. He is not one to start anything and is a man of reason but if pushed and faced with an evil he does not have any issue going toe to toe with a man of any size. His staff is taller than him and when needed gives a great reach advantage.


Other Family He has no memories of his family as his village was attacked by Reavers when he was very young. All he knows is growing up in the Monastery with the other monks.

Personality & Traits

Personal History Tsewang’s earliest memory was also his only memory of his parents. It is a very fuzzy memory but it is etched in his mind. He remembers the night his dad rushed his mom and sister down into their fallout shelter. At the time he had no clue why. All he knew was it was a rush to get down there with his family. Once inside he kissed them all and shut the door behind him as he went to see who else needed saving. This was the last time he say his father. To this day he still doesn’t know his name.

He could hear a large ruckus going on outside the door as he and his sister huddled close to their mother. His sister who was older but he wasn’t sure how old she was started to have a severe asthma attack. In the rush to get to the basement they didn’t think about grabbing her inhaler. As she started to freak out more and more her breathing went downhill fast. Their mother knew if she didn’t get her help she would die in her arms. She propped her up in the corner of the room as she made her way out the hatch to go find the inhaler. This was the last he would ever see his mother.

As the commotion continued for some hours Tsewang sat in the corner crying not sure what was going on and watched his sister die from not being able to breathe. He ended up crying himself to sleep. When he woke some hours later it was as quiet as can be. He had no sense of time as he was so young. He slipped in an out of sleep and depression until the hatch to the door was opened. Standing outside was a group of recovery volunteers that came in to help clean up worlds that had been ravaged .

He would not talk he had learned how to but the trauma that he had endured left him mute. His saviors would eventually found a monastery on a nearby world that took Tsewang in and gave him his name. No one knew anything about the young boy so the monks raised him up in the ancient Shaolin way. Over time of working with him and meditative techniques Tsewang would eventually open up and speak again but this was when he turned the age of 8.

Tsewang took to the Buddhist teachings as a way to deal with his past. He would learn that his planet had been attacked by a group of Reavers and he was the only person to survive the attack. Over time he would never forget the memory but learned to harness his loss and sorrow into a passion to help others that have been wronged or attacked. He would take to the teachings as a way to give the world a second chance as he had been given. He was very aware of this gift and wanted to share it with the world.