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Crew Jed Grissom

Name Jed Grissom

Position Mechanic

Rank Crew

Character Information

Gender Male
Affiliation Unaffilliated - Freelance Mechanic, Scavenger, Suspected Smuggler and Thief
Age 35
Homeworld Harvest (Agricultural world)
Personal Effects Tools, Weapons, Custom built ATV and Trailer, ‘Odds ‘n’ Ends’ containers, Clothing, Mouth Organ, Food, Drink and Currency Supplies.

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 223lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Years of hard work has given Grissom a toned and muscular physique which certainly comes in handy considering his line of work. Aside from a few minor burns and scratches from working as a mechanic and a smithy, Jed has no distinguishing features. Usually sporting a beard or in the very least stubble, he is considered to be a rugged individual.

When not wearing his blue coveralls and his tool harness, Jed usually sports a work shirt with a leather cut-off vest, khakis or combat trousers and leather boots.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Tobias Grissom Snr.
Mother Gertrude ‘Gertie’ Grissom
Brother(s) Tobias ‘Toby’ Grissom Jr. Zachariah ‘Zach’ Grissom
Sister(s) Annabeth ‘Beth’ Grissom, Lorelai ‘Lor’ Grissom, Jocelyn ‘Jo’ Grissom
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jed is a man who at one time was weighed heavily by the burden of responsibility. His father’s expectations for his future applied just the right amount of pressure for him to seek his own path, even if it meant sacrificing connections with members of his family. He is a content individual who is happy to travel, using his various skills to survive in a harsh and unforgiving universe.

To those who earn his friendship, trust and loyalty, he is a kind and caring individual who will go out of his way to help those in need, even at the risk of his own life.

Unable to stay planetside for more than a few years, Jed prefers to be on ships or space stations.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Strong background in engineering/mechanics and scavenging dating back to his youth, with additional skills in blacksmithing.
S - A decent marksman with both a pistol and a rifle.
S - Amongst the skills he’s learned throughout his travels, he is proficient at picking locks and cracking safes & vaults, skilled in communication and radar manipulation techniques and is also a talented pickpocket.
S - Has made a number of both legitimate and illegitimate contacts throughout his travels.
S - Not half bad with a mouth organ.
W - Remorseful about leaving his family.
W - Is not a skilled pilot.
W - Terrible Cook.
Ambitions As a boy, Jed wished to travel the ‘verse and not be tied down to a rancher’s life. Having followed that dream, he is content to travel, amassing his small fortune from the work he’s carried out over the years. He knows that there will come a time that he’ll find a place to settle down, perhaps even raise a family of his own. Where that place will be and who he will settle down with, he does not know.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from working on his ATV, Jed plays the mouth organ, enjoys hard liquor, enjoys gambling, dancing, shooting and fighting. He also tries to keep his vast array of skills as sharp as he can.

Personal History Born on the farming world of Harvest in 2482, Jedediah ‘Jed’ Grissom was the firstborn son of Tobias Grissom Snr. and his wife Gertrude. The Grissom family had settled on Harvest eight generations previously and Tobias and Gertie were the latest in a long line of ranchers, with Tobias also profiting from selling his family's moonshine to neighbouring ranchers and visitors, all under the nose of the admittedly light Alliance presence.

When Jed was born, his father called him a gift from the stars as his mother had miscarried several times prior to carrying him to term. Little did the Grissom’s know that they would be blessed with 5 more such gifts over the course of the next fifteen years, with his eldest sister, Beth, born 18 months later.

As a boy his education was carried out by a local Shepherd named Cogley. The children would attend school in the church hall 3 times a week, learning to read, other languages, mathematics. Enough to survive on Harvest at any rate.

He forged strong bonds with his siblings, with the Grissom’s being a tight knit family. Because he was the oldest, he had to set an example for the others by acting as the responsible sibling and as a voice for the children when they disagreed with their parents. He was also fiercely protective over his siblings, with Toby, his eldest brother often getting into fights, Jed would be the one to stel in and settle them.

Because he was expected to take over the running of his family's ranch from his father when the elder Grissom became ready to retire, He was given a number of light chores just as soon as he was able to walk. As he grew older, he was given more responsibilities and was also taught the necessary skills to live up to them. By the age of 10, he was a skilled horse rider, he had learned how to shoot both a pistol and a rifle and he’d even learned how to maintain and operate most of the ranch’s machinery.

It was his aptitude for mechanical engineering that caught his father's attention. Even with the ranch being one of the more prosperous homesteads on Harvest, and the illegal moonshine trade, the need for a continuous revenue stream was ever present in Tobias’ mind. As a result, he arranged for Jed to be employed by one of Harvest’s most successful businessmen, Hobson Morrow.

Morrow not only owned the spaceports on harvest, but his family had also monopolised the salvage trade, ship and parts sales and even smithing. As an apprentice to Morrow, Jed learned much about these trades while his siblings stook his place with the ranch chores. Morrow’s lieutenants were amazed by how skilled Jed was. While the younger Grissom was happy to be learning trades he enjoyed, the money that he earned while working for Morrow helped the family clear its debts in a matter of years.

When the contract between his father and Morrow came to an end when he turned 17, Jed was offered another contract by Morrow while his father wanted him to return to work on the ranch. The pressure of choosing between the life of a rancher and learning more about the skills he had been developing was too much for young Jed, so with the help of his savings, he decided to book passage off world. His father, outraged by Jed’s actions, bitterly cut ties with his son, forbidding the rest of the family to speak with him.

The following is an account of Jed’s whereabouts following his departure from Harvest in 2499:

2499 - After departing Harvest on a mining transport, Jed spent a year working to keep the mining machinery up and running on Farraday, one of the two moons of Harvest. Keeping mostly to himself, he did become acquainted with another mining engineer by the name of Dale Keating. The pair soon found themselves planning to set up a business together, repairing broken down equipment and vehicles for the people of Farraday. However the corrupt owner of the mines wanted the skilled mechanics to continue working for him and sent associates to persuade them to remain with the company. When Keating refused, he was beaten and accidently killed by one of the associates. The same night, Jed left Farraday on a transport for Beaumonde,

2500 - Having settled on Beaumonde, working in the factories as a maintenance worker. It was on Beaumonde that he also built his first ATV, although the vehicle would continue to be maintained and upgraded over the years until its destruction. Like on Farraday, Jed kept mostly to himself in the hopes that the miners he had worked for didn’t come looking for him.

2502 - He was approached by an orbital salvage company looking for able bodied workers to conduct licensed salvage operations. With a higher pay rate than what he earned in the factories, Jed accepted the offer and soon found himself assigned to the Red Dwarf, as a mechanic and salvage specialist. It was here that he met Melanie Walker, a thief turned cook. During their off hours, the pair would teach each other useful skills. While Jed taught her how to maintain the cooking equipment aboard the Dwarf, Melanie taught him how to pick pockets, pick locks and crack vaults and safes.

2503 - With his 12-month contract on the Red Dwarf completed, Melanie asked Jed to join her on a new endeavour as a way of keeping his newfound skills sharp. Having lost both of her parents to Alliance firing squads, Melanie wanted to rob as much from their officers and soldiers as she could without getting caught. So for the next three years, they travelled to a number of worlds with a high Alliance presence and did just that. From Ariel to Bellerophon to Verbena, tales of how the Alliance was robbed of a small fortune are told, but with no suspects ever caught and the Alliance’s unwillingness to show any weakness in the eyes of the general public, those tales are often dismissed as propaganda from the Independant Planets movement.

2506 - Because the Unification War made it harder and harder for Jed and Mel to continue stealing from the Alliance, they decided to sign back on with the Red Dwarf crew, only to learn that the vessel had been an early casualty of the war. At a loss at what to do, the pair headed for Three Hills in order to look for work. Booking passage aboard the Clutterbucket, a Yashida-class transport, the pair decided to offer their services as a mechanic and a cook because of the lengthy journey. An unfortunate encounter with an Alliance patrol vessel soon ended in tragedy however. With the Alliance seeking smugglers, the vessel was searched for contraband. And although their ill-gotten gains were laundered and the proceeds transferred to the First Bank of Sihnon months previously, the pair had nothing to be concerned about. The Clutterbucket crew however were smuggling for the Independent Planets. As a result, the ship was seized and the crew resisted arrest. Melanie was caught in the crossfire. Although the Alliance medics did all that they could, Melanie died.

2507 - A heartbroken Jed was transferred to Three Hills following an investigation carried out by the Alliance Military Police. Rather than look for work, Jed spent several months gambling away a modest portion of his wealth as well as competing in illegal fights in order to ease his pain of losing Melanie. Things changed for Jed however when a hospital ship arrived in orbit looking for able bodied crewmen to help in their efforts to treat wounded soldiers from the Unification War. Seeing the suffering soldiers urged Jed to offer his services as a mechanic.

2508 - As the war waged on, the hospital ship that Jed signed up to, IH-11-C, was ordered to a number battle ravaged worlds. Although the hospital ship was a neutral platform funded by a number of corporations, in order to avoid conflict onboard, the ship primarily served the wounded of the Independent Planets.

2509 - As one of the first responding ships to the aftermath of the Battle of Turon Verge, Jed saw the consequences of the war up close and personal, with dozens of capital ships and hundreds of thousands if soldiers dead, the Battle of the Verge was a clear victory for the Alliance which helped to turn the tide of the war. When IH-11-C docked at Sanctuary Station to resupply, Jed decided to stay on the station to assist in the repair of faulty medical equipment.

2510 - When the freighter Righteous Indignation docked at Sanctuary Station looking for crew and supplies, Jed signed up, having had his fill of the station. While running freight, Jed soon learned that the crew of 7 were smugglers, taking contraband to and from worlds with a strong alliance presence. Fearing that history might repeat itself, he considered leaving the ship at their next stop until the Captain informed him that their next job would reveal his true reason for being a smuggler. Docking with another freighter, the Indignation received several passengers in the form of indentured servants, seeking freedom from Higgins’ Moon and the mud mines. Having been enslaved himself as a young boy, the Captain wished to intervene in the underworld slave trades happening throughout the ‘verse, a mission that Jed got behind.

2511 - Disaster struck aboard the Righteous Indignation early on. One of the slaves being smuggled to safety had been fitted with a tracking beacon. The slavers pursued the ship across three sectors until finally catching up to the unaware crew. Coming under attack from the slavers, the Righteous Indignation was crippled on the edge of Reaver territory and left adrift. Fortunately however the crew survived and utilising the ship's shuttles, they managed to make their way to Lilac before they encountered any Reavers. With the Indignation gone, her Captain sold off the shuttles to secure passage to Persephone for him, the slaves they rescued and his crew, however Jed decided upon staying on Lilac due to a roaring salvage trade.

2512 - Having recouped the losses he accepted by signing on to the Indignation through working as a smithy and working salvage, Jed also built another ATV. Finding work in a shipyard, repairing broken down freighters, liners, tugs and scows. This work led to him being recruited by a civilian contractor for the Alliance. With them in desperate need of skilled mechanics to continue rebuilding the fleet following the Unification War, Jed was assigned to the Scorpion Ship Yards near Ariel. Once again he found working for the Alliance distasteful, but their pay rates were almost triple what he should have been earning for the same work, elsewhere.

2513 - With his contract with Scorpion Ship Yards coming to an end, Jed considered signing on for another 12-months. It was around this time that he met Zandra, a senior member of the Companion’s Guild. In dire need of a mechanic that could maintain a fleet of shuttles for the guild on a long term contract, Madame Zandra secured him a small apartment on Ariel, to which he owns to this day. While working for the guild, Jed became acquainted with a number of companions and even called some of them friends by the time his contract concluded. With an offer to return to work for the guild left open to Jed, he reluctantly bade farewell to Ariel and returned to Sanctuary Station to seek employment on a ship once again.

2516 - Jed joined the crew of the Zola’s Delight as the freighter’s mechanic. While not exactly happy with running freight to and from Ariel for the alliance, a job’s a job, and Captain Murtaugh certainly paid him well. During their freight runs, the Zola’s Delight crew thankfully came under very little scrutiny thanks to the addition of a companion to their crew, while Jed had travelled on vessels with companions before, none sparked his interest more than Raya. Due to her line of work however and his desire to travel from ship to ship, planet to planet, he soon realised that there was no future for them and so ended his time with the Zola’s Delight crew when the ship touched down on Windlam reach, a backwater dustball which had a number of junkyards and an impressive spaceport.

Setting to scavenging reusable parts from the boneyard of derelict vessels as well as assisting with repairs of incoming vessels to the spaceport.

2517 - After spending several months on Windlam Reach, restoring scavenged ship components and offering his services as a mechanic to vessels in the Canyon Point Spaceport, Jed feels that it’s time to move onto another world and prepares to book passage off-world, wondering where his journey will take him next.