Civilian Cordelia Thorton


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Civilian Cordelia Thorton

Name Cordelia Thorton

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Affiliation Undecided
Age 19
Homeworld Londinium
Personal Effects Stuffed Animal of a tiger, from Earth that was. Fennec Fox named Jiaohua, she tends to call him "Jay-hu" or "Ji ji"

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 120
Hair Color Brown, but changes it at will
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Cordelia is a thin yet well fit young woman, with soft hands. She didn’t grow up on ranches or doing hard settlers work, although she wishes she had. She has tanned skin passed down from her parents, and long dark hair which she often keeps colored various shades, leaning towards blues and greens.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Secretary Marlo Thorton
Mother Londia Thorton
Sister(s) Beatrice Thorton-Marris
Paries Granvale
Annabelle Thorton

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having been raised by the wealthy families of the core, with nannies and servants she is rather entitled. Sometimes she is a down right brat, but she knows money talks. She is inquisitive and thrives on rebellion. She likes to think she has principles, yet she is often motivated by selfishness. Deep down she wants realism and truth, and she wants to be seen for someone of strength who can make her own choices, and be respected for them. She fancies herself a pickpocket and talented thief.
Strengths & Weaknesses +/- Willful
+/- Prideful
+ Resourceful
- Demadning
- Inpasient
Ambitions To strike her own path
Hobbies & Interests Rebelling

Personal History Born on Londinium, the second planet from the white sun, and home of the Alliance Parliament Cordelia grew up in the shadow of government. Her father is an aide to a high ranking member of the senate, and very well connected, as well as extremely wealthy. As such she was raised by nannies and educated in the highest of schools. Cordelia never wanted for anything, whatever she demanded she got, and when she was told no she was known for throwing wild fits. This fostered resentment in Cordelia and she and her parents never saw eye to eye. It did not help that she had three elder accomplished sisters who were the perfect representations of their parents expectations.

As Cordelia entered her teenage years she became unsatisfied with her parents expectations. She began to seek out the kids in the city who were darker and into things that would horrify her parents. She found every little thing she could to rebel, from changing her hair color and drinking, partying and causing scandals for her high society parents. Eventually she met a boy who had lived in the wilder parts of the ‘Verse, and suddenly she knew she wanted to see it. When her family found out it was if she’d concocted the largest betrayal in existence. Under the threat of sending her to a military boarding school the then sixteen year old quickly determined she was going to run away. She hired a hacker to steal as much of her parents money as she could, luckily she managed to find a good one, and drained all of their funds in an instant. Her friends helped her hide it away and invest some of it to keep it building, but in doing so hid it away from her family.

Feeling free, Cordelia left Londinium seeking to find a life of her own choosing. No charges or warrants have yet been issued against her as her family hoped to avoid further scandal.