Specifications - Sinful Grace

Specifications - Sinful Grace

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The Sinful Grace is a Dragonfly-class ship that the crew calls home. She may not be the prettiest ship in the verse, but she's got a lot of heart and that's all that matters some days. That's what'll keep you flyin' when you hadn't aught to be able to.


Class Dragonfly
Role Heavy Hauler
Time Between Resupply 1200 hrs


Length 80.47m
Width 53.64m
Height 18.59m
Decks 2


Crew 8
Passengers 12
Emergency Capacity 50

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttles 20-ton Scarab-class Shuttle
Other Craft 12 escape pods
1 Medium Cargo Skiff

Cargo Capacity

Weight Capacity 2000 Tons
Livestock Capable yes