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Nothing Wrong

Posted on Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 @ 5:01pm by Civilian Cordelia Thorton & Doctor Charles Rose

Mission: A Fast Way Off of Windlam Reach

It didn't take long before Charles got a chance to look at the infirmary of the ship. It wasn't much, a central bed and a secondary bed on the side which he had went ahead and stored his bag under it. Finally, he pulled his leg up and finally just laid his head back and sighed while he allowed it all sink in. Life wasn't as easy as it used to be. Hell, he really didn't know what to truly do with himself. But now that he had no bar to maintain and keep hidden, time may had passed long enough for him to make it back and see his only family members left, his sister and niece. Damn Alliance... He couldn't completely prove it, but he found out that some of the former resistance groups that were known to be in the war were hunted down by Alliance members that saw them as a threat. Even though he had only been a doctor, he was still held accountable in some aspects.

A long sigh escaped his eyes closed hoping to get some sleep. Maybe the rest would make the trip go by quicker. Last thing he wanted to do was make a bigger ruckus than he already had done. It really didn't matter to him, still steamed him about the loss of his bar, but it wasn't as though he had made enough to repair once again. He had kept to himself mostly, but still made slight connections.

Cordelia stumbled in to the infirmary her hand on her forehead. "Oh Jen mei NAI-shing duh FWO-tzoo... I think i'm going to be sick." she muttered as she groaned. She rushed for the sink and leaned over it, heaving and breathing, dramatically, and moaning.

Rose barely opened his eyes as he turned his head and looked over at the female now before the sink. He scanned her with his eyes before finally speaking up. "What's wrong with you?"

She looked up and took deep dragging breaths, "I don't do so well with lift off..." she grumbled. Her last trip she'd been sick for several hours until someone gave her some medication, and she felt much better and adjusted to space. "Fix it!" she demanded.

He raised his eye brow slightly. "You watch your tongue, you chicken shit."

She flinched in shock at his response. "Excuse me? I'm paying for service on this boat.." she held up her finger and heaved over the sink again, and stomped her foot trying to get her reflexes under control. When she regained control she turned again and glared at him, "You're the medic aint you?" she demanded, "So don't just sit there you Gao yang jong duh goo yang, help me!"

He sighed as he slid off his small bunk and looked through the medical supplies. There wasn't much but he huffed slightly before grabbing a small vial and grabbed the small medical gun. He limped over to her and waved the gun at her to stand up straight. "Alrighty, ya sassy shit, cum' ear," Rose muttered as he looked at her with tired eyes.

Cordelia took a step forward and put her arm out for him to give her the medication. She smirked at him, with her eyes narrowed. "That is more like it. Just wait until I report you to... OW!" she jumped. Her eyes widened as she looked up at the man.

As he watched her drop to the ground, he chuckled slightly as he limped back to the bad. "Talk to me like that, ya chicken shit..." he mumbled again as he laid back down and rested his eyes. Through the grumpiness, he smirked deep down feeling slightly pleased with himself as he fell asleep for a short bit before he woke up and looked over at the girl. He grabbed his cowboy hat from his bag and covered his head as he hid a smirked while she started to wake up.

Cordelia groaned as she felt herself coming too. Jaiohua was licking her face, she scrunched her nose and turned her head, and then moved her shoulders. She felt her arm pinned under her. "Ow." she grumbled as she sat up trying to figure out what the hell had happened to her. Her eyes moved to the medic and horror flashd across her face. She instently checked her dress for any signs of it being messed with before she stood up slowly, feeling dizzy. "You stupid son of a cow..." she growled under her breath as she stared at the sleeping old man. "I swear you'll pay for this..." she said.

"Ah calm down," Rose said as he waved her off with no worries.

"Some doctor you are! I came here asking for help against the space sickness, and you knock me out? Why?" she pouted as she leaned against the center table.

Looking from under the hat for a moment and smirked before leaning back. "Looks like it work, didn't it."

Cordelia paused as her eyes got wide, feeling like her stomach had calmed, except she was angry. "What? What?" she squeaked, high pitch like a mouse. Jiaohua, yelped in response to her squeaks.

"The knocking out was just an added bonus. Noone taught you to respect your elders, huh?"

She scoffed, "I was taught to respect those worthy of it, and you are NOT someone who is proven worthy of my respect." she snipped and scooped up her pet.

"Ain't my problem. But ya better learn quick. Ya ain't got to respect me, but ya better respect the position I'm runnin'. Otherwise ya may have some issues if ya got more than motion sickness in ya belly," Rose countered as he laid the hat back down over head head and smirked again through the white beard of his.

Cordelia walked over closer to the older man, shifting gears. Maybe sugar was better than vinegar. "Maybe that's true." she said with a gentle voice. "But surely you can understand why I was so put out.... anything.... could have happened while I was knocked out. As a medic, don't you want me to feel safe and healthy?" she asked with a bit of a purr to her voice.

"I ain't the security chief, buttercup. Healthy..." he paused as he huffed. "You are healthy as a horse, Unless you are dead or dying, there ain't any reason to get your panties in a bunch."

"So preventative care means nothing to you?" she asked with irritation.

"You have motion sickness. Ya got the shot you needed," Rose snapped back as he glarred at her after lifting the hat up. "What else ya want? Cause I ain't gettin' paid to pamper your whinny ass!"

"A little common courtesy would be nice."

He covered his head with his hat and smirked slightly as he pointed to the door. "There is the door. Don't hit yourself on your way out, butter cup."


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