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Dinner Talks

Posted on Fri Mar 3rd, 2017 @ 4:58am by Crew Eli Toth & Crew Masie 'Fitz' Fitzwidden & Crew Zhong Qi & Doctor Charles Rose & Civilian Tsewang Tamang & Civilian Cordelia Thorton & Civilian Malachi Fisher

Mission: A Fast Way Off of Windlam Reach
Location: Sinful Grace - Common Area

Having dropped off a few hands sized char siu bao in the cockpit all wrapped up in a towel, Fitz wandered back to the galley and fussed over what was left on the dinner makings with a critical eye. Their last ship had more crew, but she hadn't been the only one playing steward for the ship. Between the cleaning and the cooking and the rooms still needing set up, she was feeling pretty worn and it was only the first day. With Raleigh skittering at her heels, she flipped a few switches on the intercom to exclude the cockpit before speaking. The telltale chime sounded tinnily from the console, letting her know that it was ready for her speech. "Dinner in ten in the main hall. Wash up before you come. If you take dinner in your room, your own feet better bring you here to get it, then they can take you right on back. Stragglers get what's left," she said into the speaker before clicking all the lines down again and returning to her pots and pans.

Looking around the room, Rose kept in the corner nearest the exit to the Med bay he had found and was going to crash in. It was not bad for a ship this size to have but he also knew it wasn't the most advanced by no means. Hell, he didn't need the most advanced, just a needle, thread, pliers and whiskey. He smirked inside himself as he looked at the young woman barking orders. He really didn't have much to say, but keep quiet and to himself, was the plan.

"Here," Fitz said, bustling over with a pot covered up with a towel. She set it on the table, then picked a plate and bowl to the doc from the center of the table. Under the towel was a bamboo basket nested over the lip of the pot that she put on the table. "Bao and miso. You get first dibs since you parked it first."

"Thank you, Miss," Charles spoke between his gray beard and nodded smiling slightly. He took in the smell of the food before taking the silverware to taste the food. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best either. He chewed it for a moment before nodding once again in agreement and silance as the food was worth keeping down. Better than nothing, he thought to himself as he continued leaning back as he ate his food.

Cordelia was quick and eager to get back in to the mess now that food was ready. With her fox in a little bag over her shoulder so he didn't run off again she entered the room. "Hmmm smells good." she said before she took a seat and looked at Fitz with a happy, yet expectant expression.

Fitz smiled back at the young woman, her eyes lingering on her for a moment as she pieced out what the delay was all about. "Oh, baobei hua.. You just roll up your sleeves and serve yourself so long as your hands are clean. There's no serving staff here, darling. There's plenty of soup and bao.."

Cordelia frowned, "Oh..." she said. She looked down at her hands, they had a smudge of dust on the back, left over from her time on the planet. "Looks fine." she said. She shifted and started to gather her food. "You gonna knock me out again?" she grumbled at the older man with a smelly beard sitting close by.

"Only if you don't learn to shut the hell up," Rose muttered before taking another bite.

"If you like things quiet you may have signed on to the wrong ship there old Fart." Cordelia muttered. She picked up her fox, and fed him a morsel of food and muttered to him with a high pitched tone.

"Keep it up, ya little shit," the doctor countered as he looked over at her with a gaze of obvious irritation. He nodded again at Fitz in thanks. "If ya like, I can dope her up if ya'll would like."

Toeing Raleigh when the small dog noticed the fox at the table and seemed just a bit too interested for his own good, Fitz then took a seat and smuggled him a roll so he'd behave. "I think that'd cause more trouble than good, doctor. It takes some time to learn how you behave with no ivory towers at your shoulder. It's a pleasant thing, once you get used to it, being away from the hustle and bustle and societal pressures that comes with the core worlds. Different set of manners, different set of rules. She'll figure it out."

Cordelia muttered, "Figure it out... You'll figure it out." she grumbled. "One day you'll need me and my Ivory Towers."

A loud old chuckle escaped Rose's lips as he looked at the young woman and just shook his head before going back to eating his food. He tried to be a man of few words, and to be honest, this girl was a waste of his time.

Malachi had heard the call for dinner, but had just finished showering and changed into something a little cleaner before making his way over to the dining room. It wasn't the nicest sort of place he'd been, in fact he'd rather be on the ranch, but the need for vengeance had out weighed his sanity and now he was stuck here with a group he was sure he couldn't trust. He'd put on a blue shirt, dark brown pants, suspenders, his boots and his gun on his hip. He sniffed the air, before he followed his nose to the food and started putting some on a plate.

"Smells good."

"Belly up to the table and grab a bowl. There's bao and soup. Help yourself," Fitz offered with a small smile. She was doing her best to be welcoming instead of guarded as the ship was full of strangers now.

Cordelia smirked at Malachi, she'd enjoyed irritating him to no end earlier. She fed her fox a bit of food from her finger tips before giving the older man a dramtic wink.

Malachi gave Cordelia a bit of a stern look before he turned back to the food and started filling his bowl. Once he had a decent portion, he turned towards the table and looked at the open seats before he picked one and grabbed one. He was quiet as he dug into the food, it smelled good and he was pretty hungry.

A few more folks wandered in and grabbed food as time passed. Finally, Eli and Serena walked in, "What's on the stove, Fitz?" Eli called walking toward where things were being served out.

Qi slipped in behind Serena and the Captain, swallowing a mouth full of bao as she moved gracefully past them and sunk into a chair at the table next to Fitz. "You won't believe the bao, capt'n. Fitz dropped some off after you and Serena left me all on my lonesome up in the cockpit. The soup smells delicious." She collected a bowl and started to fill it with some soup. "Gracie's on a smooth course for our dest, shouldn't be long at all 'fore we get there."

Tsewang had been deep in meditation. He had not heard the call to chow and it would not had mattered as he was on a weekly fast. He had been trying to have more visions like he had so he could let Eli know but it was like he was trying too hard. After he finished up he made his way out of the corner of his room grabbed his stick and made his way for a walk-a-bout.

When he left his room he heard a concentrated noise of talking from the chowhall. He made his way in and as he walked in he saw everyone was eating on some soup like substance. He just bowed his head at the group and found a chair that was empty. He pulled back his robes away from his arms and commenced with chanting and blessing the feast that his shipmates where already partaking in. "The first morsel is to cut all delusions. The second morsel is to maintain our clear mind. The third morsel is to save all sentient beings. May we awaken together with all beings."

"Rub a dub dub, thank Fitz for the grub," Qi muttered, eyeing Tsewang across the table.

Eli shot Qi a look across the table as he took his seat with a bowl of the bao, "Thanks for the prayers, padre. Not sure how many folk here are accustomed to religious rules and such, but... Any good luck is good, right?" He said, giving the monk a smile.

Tsewang smiled back at the Captain. "Religion is not for anyone but I still bless the food for your nourishment." Tsewang went back to sitting in the corner watching the motley crew.

Eli nodded slowly at the strange little man, an odd grin on his face, and then cleared his throat, "So... how's everyone settling in?" He asked, looking around the table.

As the chatter and discussion started, Eli couldn't help but grin. Despite his misgivings about the mix of folks on the boat, it seemed they might just make this venture halfway tolerable after all.


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