The Purple Belly Wreck

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2017 @ 4:16am by Crew Zhong Qi & Crew Eli Toth & Crew Jed Grissom & Hired Help Serena O'Rourke

Mission: A Fast Way Off of Windlam Reach
Location: Cockpit

Eli stood leaning on Qi's seat, looking up at the giant husk of a ship floating above them in the still of space. Something was niggling at the back of his mind, but he couldn't quite put a finger on it.

"So why'd they just leave this out here," He asked, somewhat absently, looking around for some clue as the why that may have been the case.

"I would say reavers, but purple bellies ain't got any idea what they're like. So they ain't scared like they should be." Qi muttered. She gently coaxed Gracie to move in closer, guiding her to circle around the hulk to allow them a visual inspection. The controls were still a bit more sluggish than she liked, Jed hadn't finished with the copilot's station yet and hadn't gotten started on her controls yet. "Maybe Browncoats damaged her too bad, and purple bellies were too busy dancing on graves to remember they had to abandon this hulk out here?"

"Late in the war, Browncoats never would have made it this far into the black. Hurtin for ships bad after the disaster that was Hera." Serena noted bitterly as she stood just at the edge of the forward windows staring into space at the hulk in front. "We'd have to board her to see if reavers did it and personally I aint to excited to test that theory. Can you get closer to the crew area?"

"Give me a minute, Gracie's still a touch sluggish in her handling... since someone decided to have us run off with our trousers down around our ankles." Qi shot a look over her shoulder up at the Captain. Despite her complaints, Qi was able to get Gracie circling the ship in the right direction and brought her to a near standstill just as the crew area was starting to come into view. "I can try to match rotation with the other ship, if we need to take a prolonged look."

There was a loud crack and a ding appeared in their view port. Beyond it, the larger man from the bar could be seen grinning at them from the crew quarters before waving his gun at them and the leaving view, lugging a large container with him.

"Gorramit!" Eli said, moving to the other side of the control console and looking up. He could just make out the nose of their ship before the husk finished rotating it out of view, "They're already here. Qi, link us up, and let's get onto the boat," He said, pointing past her to an airlock ring not far from their current position.

"G'en Ho Tze Bi Dio se." Qi flipped the switch for the ship speakers. "Jed, get your tight ass up to the cockpit," she said as she quickly worked the controls to turn Gracie towards the docking port. Despite the protests of various gages and a couple of audible alarms, Qi got the ship turned around in record time.

"Aww what the hell are they trying to do to you now?" he muttered to the ship as he charged out of the Engine Room, grabbing his tool belt along the way. It wasn't long before he could hear the commotion coming from the cockpits various panels and so he picked up his pace, his boots thudding against the metal gangways with each step.

"What are you trying to do to 'er? Ease off on the thrusters before you blow a hole in the port-side." Jed burst into the cockpit and practically dived under the helm, opening up the access panel quickly. It was dangerous to be making on the spot repairs and override rewiring while the ship was in flight, never-mind the fact the main console was in use and its user had one foot wedged against his head and the other at his crotch "Please do not make any sudden moves!"

It had been all Qi could do to keep the ship's course true when Jeb had slipped under the console. "I didn't call you up here for that, I wanted you to make sure I wasn't going to be eating space any time soon since the Feh Feh Pi Goh — who the Capt'n had thought would make a good sparring partner in the bar — hadn't done enough damage to the front view port to start Gracie to leaking atmo. What with slinging lead at us with some fancy ass pistol or somethin'. But I suppose I'd better let you finish up down there, so I don't crash and kill us all."

"One problem at a time... lose the thrusters and lose the ability to get the hell out of here," he snapped as the currents flowing through the control circuits bit at his fingers and ran up his arms. A couple of wire patches later and the ship's movements began to be a lot smoother, and only one alert buzzer was sounding. They were definitely losing atmospheric pressure. Crawling out from under the controls he looked over at the cracked port. They were fortunate, it was a minor impact but it would potentially get worse. Jed's eyes immediately darted to the floor panelling by the forward port. Grabbing an decoupler from his belt he began separating the plate from the deck frame. "I'm gonna need a hand with this!"

"The hell are you doing?" Eli quipped, stepping over to the help the engineer.

"That alarm is telling you that the impact caused a minor crack in the forward port and we're leaking atmo, Cap'n. Until we're planet-side, I can't patch it up permanently. If I don't do something about it now and we take additional hits, the whole port could shatter from the increased pressure from the atmo leak and your pretty pilot, you and anyone else unlucky enough to be in here could be blown out there... and it's a might difficult to breathe and you know... uh, live," Jed explained with a heavy sigh, hating having to explain everything when he'd rather just get things done. "That's the thing about these older birds, there systems might be able to take a long-term beating and the frames are sturdy, but they're not without their weak spots. Now are you gonna hold this in place while I apply this adhesive or shall I just go pull on my EVA suit?"

"I'd take it as a kindness if you helped him out, Capt'n. It'll be a little hard for me to get a solid seal on the docking port if I can't breath on account of vacuum." Qi pulled off the throttle and fired the maneuvering thrusters to turn Gracie's airlock towards the Alliance Ship's docking port.

"I reckon breathing is a preferable option," Eli said, stepping quickly over and helping his mechanic out. "This really going to hold?" He asked, "Even if we're burnin' hot?" He asked.

"It'll hold long enough for me to reinforce the port when we touch down next. This is just a precaution," Jed reassured the Captain as best he could while he applied a generous amount of the thermal resistant adhesive to the port and the deck plating. "I promise as soon as we touch down, I'll fix 'er up like new. Flooring an' all." It didn't take long for the adhesive to secure the plating in place and Jed signalled to the Captain to let go.

"It's as good as it's gonna get. Now will somebody please teach whoever had the stones to open fire on us a painful lesson in manners. You don't have to kill 'im. A maiming, a couple of broken limbs, a stern telling off by the business end of a wrench, something that sends a clear message would be great," Jed sighed as he hung his tools back on his belt and leaned against the pilot's station and looked to Qi. "And if you could avoid dinging up the airlock collar as you realign for docking, I'll be in your debt."

"Offering your debt for such a small request is liable to leave you in a compromising position," Qi returned as thrusters fired again to slow their approach to the docking port. The ship connected to the purple bellied hulk, and a small shudder coursed through Gracie's hull. "Systems say we have a solid lock, but double check 'fore you open the airlock."

"I will be sure to do that," Jed nodded before leaning closer to the pilot. "And who says I wasn't gunnin' for you to put me in a compromising position?" he whispered with a sly grin before strolling out of the cockpit, whistling a jaunty tune.

"That one's trouble." Qi glanced over her shoulder at Jed's retreating form, then turning back so she could adjust a couple of controls to make sure that Gracie was matching the rotation of the beast they'd latched onto like a leech. "I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him." She smirked.